The Importance of Having a Field Operations Tool

By Nick Mecozzi posted 02-15-2017 11:21


In franchising, you as the franchisor care about two things primarily: awarding new units and improving the performance of those units. Your field operations team is tied directly to the latter – unit performance, as they are the ones consulting with your franchisees to ensure their – and ultimately your – success. Your field consultants are manning the front line of your business when it comes to helping to make your franchisees successful. However, interacting with franchisees is often a pain point for franchisors and their field operations team. Field consultants may not know what the business priorities are, how to work with their franchisees to meet company goals, or what they should focus on during a field visit. Without a system in place to monitor and control field execution and performance, it’s easy to see how this could be an issue for the field operations department.

What do you do? I recommend that every field ops team has “a system to manage their system.” Field operations can get away from you very fast, yet it’s really the heart of your company. With a system in place, you can create an open, honest, and collaborative environment for your field consultants and franchisees to work together – because remember, success happens together. It’s a way to let your franchisees know that you’re here to help them, not catch them doing something wrong. Lay your expectations out for all to see. Keep these expectations consistent and tied to the brand so there are no disparities. Whether you’re using spreadsheets, a home-grown system, or FranConnect Sky Field Ops, it’s important to keep information in a central, visible place and be able to track progress and spot trends.

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