Drive Franchisee Performance with this ONE Idea

By Stefania Sigurdson Forbes posted 04-10-2018 10:34

You probably think of it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You likely dream of it even! It is THE QUESTION: 

How do I drive Franchise growth? 

In a relationship that started at an IFA Annual Convention
, we found the answer with Senior Business Consultant Amy Perkins of Ben & Jerry's

She explained that focusing on one specific group of franchisees truly helped her succeed. 

Out of that, we created a full "battle-tested strategy" complete with a fillable worksheet AND a downloadable version (that is right, I spent 4-hours learning Adobe Acrobat forms to make that happen LOL!) 

So - here is the deal. Amy set her sights on her "better performing" franchisees. Not the ones at he very top, but the ones in the top quarter, and put as many touchpoints in as possible. She then watched her results play out.

Spoiler alert - they were incredible! 

We love this franchising community, so we spent our time creating this article for everyone to grow and thrive. We actually got the idea from the roundtables at the IFA events, since we love those real-life stories. 

Amy who is all about her franchisees, spent some time chatting with us about her story. Thank you Amy! 

Read it here.

Amy Perkins Picture
Hope this helps as many other coaches and consultants as possible! If you need any help with the files etc. feel free to reach out!!! 

Stef :)