Beyond Customer Obsession Part I

By Tim Jagodzinski posted 10-04-2018 08:42


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There has been plenty written on Customer Obsessed focused companies versus Selling/Marketing focused companies.  With companies like Apple, Amazon, and Costco, its clear companies that are customer obsessed can grow rapidly and the product/service becomes almost habit forming to their customers.

One question I have asked myself and studies have been done on it, why do people use Amazon?  NPR found one reason 50+% of the people say they shop at Amazon is that, it’s easy and fast.  But is that the real reason?  For me, the real reason is there are only 1,440 minutes in a day and if you are lucky and get eight hours of sleep you just have 960 minutes in a day to get stuff done and enjoy the day.  If a company can make it possible that I get to use more of my minutes doing the things I love to do and not the stuff I have to do, I will use that company service/product regularly.

People are really really busy.  Eliminating and/or automating as many steps as possible to do business with your company will endear your customer to you.  Of course, you still have to perform the service/product, but we will assume you can already do that. If you look at the pizza business, they have gone to great lengths to make ordering a pizza easy.  Most now let you order a pizza ahead of time for delivery at a specific time and date up to 21 days in advance for some.  This is nice but I still have to place an order.  At our home, pizza night is every Friday at 6:00 PM.  The next logical step for me is to find someone to allow me to place a standing order, like a weekly pizza subscription.  Then a few hours before the delivery or pickup of the pizza send me a text to confirm the order with the option to change if needed.  If I like your product/service, and you go the extra step and do the work for me to do business with you, I’m a customer for life.

The next question is if we can make our customers lives a little better by becoming customer obsessed, then can or should we do the same thing for our employees and our partners?  See Beyond Customer Obsession Part II.


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Tim Jagodzinski is the Vice President of Business Development at Identifi, with 28 years of business automation experience.  Identifi is a leading technology provider for the Franchise and Financial industries, providing electronic signatures, document scanning, web-based forms, internal and external business process workflows, making it easy to get things done on all device types, Phone, Tablet, and PC.