Beyond Customer Obsession Part II

By Tim Jagodzinski posted 10-10-2018 09:38


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In Beyond Customer Obsession Part I we discussed the value in obsessing over the customer.  Here we will go beyond the customer and discuss the employee and the partner.  If we made our employee’s job less stressful by eliminating the mundane stuff to be done, the employee would have more time to add valuable input and make improvements, thus elevating the employee and lowering employee turnover. Take a very simple example when an employee submits a time off request, is this a paper form, is it in an email, is there anything in place to make sure the employee gets a response within the same day?  If not why not?  If an employee is taking time off, they most likely are making plans, plans that can’t be confirmed because a manager is too busy to review the request.  Not responding to the time off request or anything else quickly makes the employee frustrated and feel that the company does not care. Take another example, when you hire a new employee, do you hand them a bunch of paper forms to fill out and return, or email them forms to fill out print, sign and return with the need to put the same information over and over again on different forms? Things that don’t need to be difficult but are, frustrate employees and can only hurt morale.  These things need to be changed so that difficulties that have nothing to do with the job are removed allowing the employee to work on stuff that adds value to the company. 

The last question is why would we want to obsess over our vendors and make doing business with us easier for them?  Vendors have knowledge that we most likely don’t have or don’t have to their level.  We want these vendors excited about helping us and adding value.  Vendor turnover can be even more disruptive then employee turnover depending on what they are providing.  Take for example, a vendor sends us an invoice, we have multiple people that have to approve it.  Does your process guarantee your employees complete approvals in a specific time frame? Does your process allow for each employee to provide issues directly to the vendor so they can solve problems on the invoice faster and not hold up payment?  Do your process keep the vendor in the loop to solicit ideas from the vendor and let the vendor know what changes are coming?

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Tim Jagodzinski is the Vice President of Business Development at Identifi, with 28 years of business automation experience.  Identifi is a leading technology provider for the Franchise and Financial industries, providing electronic signatures, document scanning, web-based forms, internal and external business process workflows, making it easy to get things done on all device types, Phone, Tablet, and PC.