What have you done lately…to go paperless?

By Tim Jagodzinski posted 10-31-2018 09:09


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You can save a tree and save money!   It’s true. Eliminate paper and you’ll improve the bottom line. It’s also true that if a vendor says they’ll get rid of every scrap of paper in your office you should run the other way!!! “Document nirvana” aside, there are many things your organization can do right now to cut costs, manage compliance and improve access to critical information by eliminating paper from each process.

This is a comment from one of our customers, “How did we ever do business without the ability to retrieve at the stroke of the keyboard every record in our operation instantly without worrying about looking through file cabinets and charts that were outgrowing the space we had in our office? And we had a great filing system compared to other operations!”

Document management has been around for years but often people think of it as just scanning old paper archives. In fact, many folks implement a new system but continue to do everything else exactly the same as before. The only difference is that documents are now located inside electronic file folders instead of traditional ones.   While that makes it a bit easier to find something, a true document management system is capable of so much more in the drive to become paperless.

Another comment after going paperless, “The purchase of their system has allowed us to no longer store the voluminous amounts of paper that is indigenous to our business. We estimate that the use of the Identifi system has allowed us to store and instantly retrieve in excess of 1.5 million page equivalents.

In the past, we needed 1 full time FTE plus ~1000 sq. ft. of filing/storage space plus the necessary supplies to create tens of thousands of file charts, etc.

Additionally, there were immeasurable man-hours in pulling files, looking through them for the applicable data and then copying the information needed.

Today, we are able to administer our entire system with 0.20 FTE, no significant material costs, and instantaneous retrieval from every work station in our office. Additional hard disk space was one of our few other costs. We still have a number of lateral files that we would be happy to sell at fire sale prices!” 

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Tim Jagodzinski is the Vice President of Business Development at Identifi, with 28 years of business automation experience.  Identifi is a leading technology provider for the Franchise and Financial industries, providing electronic signatures, document scanning, web-based forms, internal and external business process workflows, making it easy to get things done on all device types, Phone, Tablet, and PC.