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I am a Marketing and Franchise executive who has worked for a Fortune 500 retail marketing brand with a 1000 units, a specialty food gift Franchisor as well as managing an individual franchised operation with 12 employees. I now provide consultation services in marketing and business development. In marketing, operations and project management, my focus has been to improve profitability and increase sales. The franchising industry has been engaging and exciting giving me the opportunity to do what I love, to learn and to share my expertise with others. I help companies grow, develop their brand, communicate their mission and deliver exceptional customer service. As a consultant, I utilize my diverse experience to apply best practices of both Marketing and Franchising. I help to develop businesses through: • creative marketing & financial analysis; • social media & customer engagement; and • establishing operations excellence. I am hands-on and results-driven. I lead, inspire, strategize, create, develop, implement, analyze and improve. I look forward to getting to know and connect with you as a client, a supplier resource or as an associate.