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Strategic initiatives manager specializing in multi-faceted projects that require creative solutions.
Adept at producing or exceeding targeted revenues within the organization with minimal expenditures.

MULTI-INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS PIONEER –Accomplished organizational objectives through creative solutions gathered and transferred through experience in Education, Entrepreneurship, Immigration, International Trade, Manufacturing, Marketing, Telecommunications, Software, Laboratory Science, Financial Call Center and Franchising.

LEARNING DESIGNER – Constructed and facilitated custom curriculum grounded around individual employee learning strengths and organizational objectives. Provided custom business-focused language and/or business training to meet departmental initiatives for various Fortune 500 companies.

COLLABORATIVE EDUCATOR – Lead change management educational initiatives worldwide from in-house to online programs utilizing benchmark-based techniques. Techniques that are managerial inclusive; tapping into individual team member strengths while reducing risk and unforeseen expenses during change initiatives.

SALES LEADER – Headed, created, planned, hired, managed, trained and lead multiple service/sales forces with strategic initiatives that protected customer based while growing the base naturally on referrals which double recruitment/sales initiatives on average 1-3 years.

MULTILINGUAL PROJECT MANAGER- Fulfilled team objectives utilizing linguistic abilities either as the English/Spanish/Portuguese interpreter or as the person that could miraculously locate the hard to find languages worldwide to accomplish an organizational objective.

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