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Guillermo Quintana holds an MBA from Campbellsville University(Summa Cum Laude), Kentucky, USA where he concentrated on sustainable development and Marketing. His bachelor degree is in Business Administration from University of Lima, Peru. 

Currently Guillermo is currently  Proemprender´s CEO  a non- profit organization in Peru ( , which has developed several social projects and community-based projects and manage a Entrepreneurship Schools training several local microentrepreneurs with the Microfranchising concept.
Proemprender is a Peruvian non-profit organization helping local communities to develop entrepreneurship.

Proemprender as an Microfranchising Incubator and Entrepreneurship Schools has been a Next Gen Winner 2016 at IFA Convention at San Antonio Texas.

Guillermo is a pioneer promoter of Microfranchising in Latinamerica. Link Video Interview :

Guillermo has published the Book ¨The path to the Progress – The Microsolutions to Poverty¨ ¨How Entrepreneurship is saving the world ( English)( Summary)

Book web site :

Article written by Guillermo : Microfinance as an Economic Revolution for needy people ( English)

Also Guillermo has written an article interview titled ¨Microfranchising against poverty in LatinAmerica¨ (Spanish)

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Proemprender was created in 2008 and believes entrepreneurship is a solution to poverty. Among other tools to develop entrepreneurship, Proemprender is developing microfranchises. They develop the product, the brand, and then help microentrepreneurs become franchisee.
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