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Greg is Founder of the respected Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) and is widely recognized as an international thought leader on managing franchise relations and people issues in franchising. He is a registered corporate psychologist and is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at franchise sector conferences around the world. Greg's books, such as Profitable Partnerships and The Franchise E-Factor are widely regarded as essential reading for anyone who works in the global franchising sector. Additionally his research and models have helped to shape the way franchising is conducted around the world. • Sold more than 100,000 books in 3 languages • Worked with over 520 franchise brands • Surveyed over 20,000 franchisees • Leads a global organization • He is also a passionate musician and owns 33 guitars and stringed instruments Franchisors typically hire FRI for one of the following reasons: 1. Reduce the Risks of Conflict and Costly Disputes (w/out Legal) 2. Get Faster Buy-in and Commitment to New Initiatives 3. Increase the Effectiveness of Field and Operations Consultants 4. Educate Franchisor Leadership Teams on Creating a Healthy Culture 5. Reduce Franchisee Complacency, Negativity & Non-Compliance 6. Improve the Rigour of their Franchisee Recruitment Systems Greg started life in franchising as a multi-unit franchisee with Brumby’s and later became National Marketing and Operations Manager for the franchisor. As well as authoring several best selling books he has developed a number of ground breaking tools and models such as The Franchise E-Factor, The Franchisor and Franchisee Wheels of Excellence, CORE Mastery for Field Consultants, and the Nathan Profiler. He is recipient of the Franchise Council of Australia inaugural National “Contribution to Franchising” Award in recognition of his pioneering work in franchise education and research.