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I have enjoyed 20 plus years in business, participating in some amazing success stories and a several spectacular disasters. My passion is working on the creative edge of new business with miracle workers. The late Jim Rohn said of the miracle worker, "How many books with she read? As many as it takes. How early will he show up? As early as it takes. How late will they stay? As late as it takes. They're the ones who, when given a problem, their answer is 'No Problem'."

Some people are born with the ability to see what does not yet exist and have the energy and drive to go make it happen. This is who I am and also the kind of people I love working with.

I am constantly reminded that the hardest and most critical decisions in an early stage business revolve around deciding what not to do. Resources are typically strained and what makes or breaks the company is the number of dead end paths you choose to follow and how much of your war chest you leave there. It's a delicate balance of choosing paths, executing like hell and then choosing correctly when to press on or cut losses. Not for the feint of heart to be sure, but my feeling is, if my project is not exciting enough to keep me up at night then what am I doing it for.

My current business, True Sync Media and, is the most exciting project of my career. I believe an new niche industry/market of custom "TV channels" is emerging and we are on that creative edge. Video networks that are branded for the venue they are in, blended with micro-targeted advertising will change the way establishments entertain their guests and how advertisers make the most of their marketing dollars.